When The Waterfalls is a branch of Nova Lightsource, a California non-profit Corporation.


Who we Are
When the Waterfalls is a non-profit advocate and fundraising resource focused on illuminating unique programs championing women in life transitions, based in Marin county.

What We Do
We partner with artists, scientists, business and thought leaders in promoting the endowment and advancement of good works that may not be showcased as mainstream charities.

Why We Exist
Women and their education provide the key to our future and as we mature, honor our past and what we strive to overcome. At the same time, we either have or will be touched by hardships that need healing and it is our choice how to come to terms with these challenges. Do they defeat us or do we use them as authentic gifts to be enlightened, grow and give back?

Programs We Watch
Marin County is home to some of the USA's if not the world's finest organizations supporting women in life transitions. Within some of these known institutions are noteworthy, specialized programs performing remarkable work. Here in our own backyard, did you know about:

These programs have struck a chord with NLS and in our opinion deserve a bright spotlight. They've certainly captivated our attention and we are excited to collaborate with each one.